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About us

Alma de Luce is more than a company that produces furniture pieces. It is a brand that aims to pay tribute to the memories and praise the World’s cultural heritage through traditional Portuguese craftsmanship.

Portuguese Design & Craftsmanship

ALMA DE LUCE® is a brand that reveals MEMORIES of traditions, places, myths or legends, symbols, and people, through the senses. This revelation is exposed and preserved overtime.

The use of noble materials, along with the inspiration, Portuguese craftsmanship and design, embodies the commitment to express feelings and emotions which lay in our memories, as pieces of furniture with soul and unique identity.

The brand challenges the past through the design and craftsman in order to build strong cultural heritage giving them a new life, creating new emotions and references. Our mission is to keep the World Heritage memories alive and make you inspire others the way we inspire you.

Our story

The most powerful histories always have a simple reason to be. An idea born of two brothers, Carlos and Helena. They grew up and lived inside the memories told by their grandfather Antonio, with his own mastery of storyteller.

Each memory had a precious and historic value. It was a discovery of infinite secrets, where they knew his past and where the grandfather passed his personal wisdom. He used to do it with such a refinement that sometimes led to moments of pure imagination.

The grandfather memories became their permanent inspiration to create pieces that tells stories and make us travel back in time. To make these memories prevail ALMA DE LUCE® was born.

The storytellers of our memories

Carlos Costa was born in 1979, in La Gonesse, France. He is a co-founder of the “Obra Atelier”, located in Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal, since 2004. He always looks for, through architecture, to materialize dreams. In 2014, passionate for his grand-father’s stories and from his interest in perpetuate memories, Alma de Luce was born, a brand of luxury furniture. Carlos Costa is the co-founder.

Helena Costa was born in 1975, in La Gonesse, France. She is a co-founder of the “Obra Atelier”, located in Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal, since 2004. She took the first steps in the architecture world, but today is in the product
design that she put its inspiration. In 2014, through the shared moments with her grand-father, António, and the wish of keep the memories alive, and transport them from one generation to the other, Alma de Luce was born – a brand of luxury furniture. Helena Costa is the co-founder.

José Miguel was born in 1987, in Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal. He began, since quite early, to think objects, to scrawl in a piece of paper that reproduced something that only he was able to imagine. His experience in the craft of architecture unfolded in him a particular taste concerning furniture, which lead to the appearance of Alma de Luce. In the last year, he contributed to the brand with the design to the piece “Hikma”. It is an epic piece with a distant function and with a story to tell. In the role of product designer, he will be in one of the major stages of this area of activity – “Maison&Objet”.

Designer and creative director, Pedro was born in 1989 in Portugal and completed his degree in Design at the University of Fine Arts of Porto. In fact, his training started very early, at age four his father, an art enthusiast, began to show him on a daily basis a wide range of artistic expression. It has centered around several concepts, focusing on product design. In the last couple of years, it has been present in the most important exhibitions in the world. In 2016, he is part of the creative team of Alma de Luce brand, resulting in several pieces presented in this catalog, such as the Whakairo sideboard or the Polonceau table, among others.

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