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Portuguese Design & Craftsmanship

ALMA DE LUCE® is a brand that reveals MEMORIES of traditions, places, myths or legends, symbols, and people, through the senses. is revelation is exposed and preserved overtime.

The use of noble materials, along with the inspiration, Portuguese craftsmanship and design, embodies the commitment to express feelings and emotions which lay in our memories, as pieces of furniture with soul and unique identity.

The brand challenges the past through the design and craftsman in order to build strong cultural heritage...

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“Oh, if you could see me! I am a palace, I am the home of a beautiful lady! I have a peacocks’ path that watches people crossing by! I have beautiful ceilings in my rooms so the lady can dance! I was born a monastery, for once upon the time priests, And with Brazilian gold a rich man...

Limited edition

Unravelling the history of Cardosas Palace is finding out Oporto’s history. ALMA DE LUCE, through CARDOSAS’ table, unleashes some Palace’s memories derived from time, which...

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“Son…! Son, where are you?

Your grandfather, God of the sea,

punished you for sure!

Son…! Son, where have you been?

In this deep sea village,

has turned you into wood!”

ALMA DE LUCE celebrates the nature and the life through the art of sculpting wood from the Maori - Whakairo culture, and presents this elegante sideboard, in walnut wood, with an...

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Lungta 12

“Go serenely galloping wind

Take with you prayers and mantras,

Follow your destiny through the corners of the world.

Reveal yourself with a gentle reciting

of cuddles whispering in the ear

and magic that fulfils the soul.”

Wind Horse (lungta in Tibetan) or prayer flag, are flags printed with Tibetan prayers. These flags fixed to a mast, or sewn in strings stretched between two points, flit freely in...

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The First Egg

“Let me give you this gift
at my heart has to give you!
In the Egg a secret is revealed
Ordered to proffer you”

Limited edition

The Egg “First Hen Egg” of 1885, was the first of 50 Easter eggs created by the Russian jeweler Peter Carl Fabergé for the czars of Russia back in the period from 1885 to 1917. Its...

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“I’ll tell you a secret:

I learned the craft of dreams,

that arise in my thinking.

Learned poems of sewing threads,

with tangles and stubborn hands.

I made a room of mine in each pattern,

what poem of endless verses.

Needle and thread in...

The doily crochet had produced over the years an importance in people's lives that transcends its true nature. It was considered a pastime of the wealthy social classes in the...

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