Memory The doily crochet had produced over the years an importance in people’s lives that transcends its true nature. It was considered a pastime of the wealthy social classes in the Renaissance, as it was in the 1st world war produced by nuns and sold to feed the orphans of the war. This piece created […]


MEMORY Tile or hydraulic mosaic is a type of handmade coating made with cement, used in floors and walls, which had its heyday between the nineteenth and the twentieth centuries. It was presented as an alternative to marble or as a “pottery” that did not required cooking. It rises up in the south of Europe […]


 Memory Through the fusion of design and mastery of artisan, ALMA DE LUCE, introduce DARVAZA, an elegant piece made in walnut wood and polished brass or velvet which reveals a curious phenomenon. The Darvaza crater locally called “Gates of Hell”, stays in the middle of Karakum desert, in Turkmenistan. It’s one of the largest reserves […]

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