Memory Wind Horse (lungta in Tibetan) or prayer flag, are flags printed with Tibetan prayers. These flags fixed to a mast, or sewn in strings stretched between two points, flit freely in the wind, around the monasteries in sacred places, or attached to the branch, we see them everywhere. It is said that these arise […]


Memory ALMA DE LUCE reveals a surprising new memory, KOROWAI. An elegant console, made of walnut wood, with glass or green marble option on the top, dazzles in interior designs in which it is introduced. This memory takes us to Papua New Guinea and tells us about the Korowai tribe, which was discovered in 1970 […]


  Memory More than just a building, the La Bahia palace tells memories of Morroco. This beautiful construction is a splendid example of Eastern Architecture from the 19th century that represents trends and standards of the wealthy who lived at that time. To build the palace Craftsmen were brought from Fez to work on this […]


Memory A dazzling legend tells a story of arabian horse, which ALMA DE LUDE leads us to discover through the sublime interpretation that presents in this piece. The wonderful work of marquetry executed by the craftsman takes us to the hot sands of the Bedouin deserts where the arabian horse was born. This is the […]

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