95cm x 55cm x 172cm


Memory Simply NAPERON. The naperon is like a blank verse waiting for its destiny. Much more than yarns, patterns and sizes, crochet conquered a major importance over time in people’s lives. With NAPERON cabinet, ALMA DE LUCE® intends to recover the tradition, the techniques passed down from generation to generation but for which there is […]


Memory The Egg “First Hen Egg” of 1885, was the first of 50 Easter eggs created by the Russian jeweler Peter Carl Fabergé for the czars of Russia back in the period from 1885 to 1917. Its production started with an order placed by Czar Alexander III as a gift to his wife, Maria Feodorovna, […]


145cm x 60cm x 193cm


MEMORY Alma de Luce ® refers us to the world of luxury and elegance of the haussmanian apartments of the fascinating Paris, in the 19th century, through the HAUSSMANN piece of art. It was in 1853, at the behest of Napoleon III, admirer of British modernity, that Baron Haussmann had the task of restructuring and […]


81cm x 81cm x 233cm

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